About Us

Sparkles Pancake is a family owned business started by Cassity and Justin, created for the purpose of teaching our 4 daughters how to build and run a business online and in person, to help teach them the value of work and service to their local community and on the world wide web. 

We fell in love with the name Sparkles Pancake from the movie Austenland a favorite our home! home!

Exact quote, "Now this is Barnaby. He’s a vegan. He enjoys nightly dips in the pond, and he has a pony named Sparkles Pancake."

"Austenland" movie is based on a novel written by Shannon Hale (such a great read!)

So our mascot for this store is the amazing magical Sparkles Pancake unicorn pony who loves to eat pancakes too.  Unicorns, well because we like My Little Ponies as well and we also love a delicious stack of homemade pancakes.

We are excited to share with you our selection of fun and beautiful products to bring a smile to your face and help you to have an amazing magical day.

Thanks for shopping with us!